{Tsuga Siberians}

November 10, 2005 - “Welcome”

Mike in the dog yard March 2005

Puppies first vet visit!

Welcome to teamtsuga.com!! Thanks for visiting. This is what we hope will be the start of a long line of entries to keep you up to date on our team.

First, we really need to thank our friend Kim Berg, without whom this website would not exist. The idea, design, and production of the site is almost entirely hers. We think she has done a great job and hope you do, too. She can be reached through our links page.

Secondly, the thoughts that will be expressed here are simply a snapshot of a point in the progression that is our team. What works for us with our dogs is just one way of doing things and we strive to improve it constantly anyway. Since we have grown from a 5 dog kennel running 30 mile events just 5 winters ago to now having a training pool of 15 dogs for this year’s 250 mile race team, 3 race-retired veterans, and two new beautiful litters this fall for a total of 30 dogs, our goals continually evolve and our thinking has changed as we try to keep pace with our dreams. Mushing is such an interesting sport/lifestyle because you can always learn more, do things better, and every day with dogs is different than the one before. The devil is in the details and you’ve always got to watch out for the people who think they’ve got it all figured out. Take everything you read here with a grain of salt, as it’s only the simple truth according to teamtsuga , which is subject to change without notice or obvious reason.

Finally, some words about the DOGS! They are the real stars of teamtsuga. All of our dogs are American Kennel Club registered Siberian Huskies. Not because we love the AKC, or because we show our dogs, but only because that is where we started and we fell in love with THESE dogs!! The siberian is a unique and special breed of dog that we are proud to work with. We are dedicated to the racing siberian husky and hope to represent the working history of the breed faithfully. Our goal is to keep improving and see where that takes us. We hope you’ll enjoy watching the progress of our team.

Again, welcome to our virtual kennel.

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