{Tsuga Siberians}

December 21st, 2007 - Snow, Glorious Snow!!

Red Ridge Trail

Snack time above the clouds

Mugs & Hawkeye in lead.

Howdy all.

We finally got snow last weekend and have been out running sleds ever  since!!  After just a couple inches on Friday night, Sue took the  first team of Wyatt, Birch, Kobuk and Trip, just for fun.  Since  then, we've been taking 8-10 dog teams for 20-50 mile runs from the  cabin all week.  Trails are still a little challenging in some places  with thin cover, stumps, roots and overflow, but most trails are  smoothing out and it's snowing again today.  It's SOOO much nicer  taking sled teams out, instead of riding the atv.  We'll do just a  few more runs before heading out just after Christmas for Alaska for  a week or so to race, shop for some things, visit some old friends  and maybe make a few new ones.
Our 100-mile run out at the Canol Road at the end of last week went  great.  There had been 6-8 inches of new snow out there, and only a  couple of teams had been through ahead of us, so the trail was much  slower than the times we had previously run it.  The team didn't slow  much on the way out to Quiet Lake.  Then we took a 5 hour break at  the campground pavilion (with woodstove!).  3-time Quest winner, Hans  Gatt, was there with a resting team, too, and it was fun to talk with  him once I'd finished dog-chores.  The return run, through the middle  of the night was uneventful, if a little slower than the way out.   It's more uphill that way...   All in all, the team did great and  looked the best they have all season!   From the truck, back to the  truck, we spent 15 hours out.  The team and musher got home feeling  confident, if kinda tired...

Sue taking the first sled run.

Reaching for sunbeams

Sue with Squiggle & Wilson in lead

The dark of the Yukon winter is finally at it's worst.  Solstice!!   We are looking forward to the days getting a little longer, stating  soon.  It's only light out from about 9:30am until 4:30pm.  Now,  that's just light enough to see.  The sun never gets high enough in  the sky to clear the mountains and shine on our little cabin, but  some of our sled runs do get us out to where we can actually see the  sun.  We're ready to see it a bit more!

Christmas is upon us and we'd like to wish you all the very best of  the season.  We hope your holidays are filled with peace, hope and love.
Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year to you all- 

Mike, Sue and 

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