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~ 2004 Race Season ~
Season Goal: Finish Can-Am 250
Dogs In Training - 14 (8M, 6F)

Race: Can-Am Crown 250, Fort Kent Maine - February 21st-24th

Musher: Mike - Team: 12 dogs - Distance: 250 miles
Finished:8th of 15 teams - 1st (and only) Siberian finisher.

The Team:
Squiggle(L), Kobuk(L), Stump(L), Mugs, Birch, Wink, Romeo, Curly, and Jim finished. Zirkle went to Maibec. Wyatt and Ambler were dropped in Portage.

Race Notes:With a fair amount of rest, the team finished strong and happy after overcoming a stomach virus early in the race. Yahoo! We finished!

Race: Sandwich Notch Races, Sandwich NH - February 14th

(Mike's team)
Musher: Mike - Team: 6 dogs - Distance: 30 miles
Finished:3rd of 24 teams -- 1st Siberian Team.

The Team:
Kobuk(L), Stump(L), Squiggle(L), Mugs, Jim and Ambler.

Race Notes:Lack of snow on some downhill's had Mike undoing tuglines for safety!

Musher: Sue - Team: 6 dogs - Distance: 30 miles
(Sue's team)
Finished:13th of 24 teams

The Team:
Maple(L), Zirkle(L), Birch, Wink, Romeo, and Curly

Race Notes:Sue was very careful with the team as Can-Am was the following weekend.

Race:Stratford Nighthawks 30, Stratford, NH -- February 7th

Musher: Mike - Team: 12 dogs - Distance: 33 miles
Finished: 2nd of 3 teams -- 2nd Fastest Siberian Team

The Team:
Kobuk(L), Squiggle(L), Zirkle, Maple, Stump, Mugs, Curly, Wink, Birch, Romeo, Jim, and Ambler.

Race Notes:Warm day, …too warm.

Race: Craftsbury True Companion Races, Craftsbury VT - January 24th

Musher: Sue - Team: 6 dogs - Distance: 30 miles
Finished:10th of 28 teams -- 3rd Siberian Team

The Team:
Zirkle(L), Maple(L), Summit, Wyatt, Ambler, Romeo.

Race Notes:Sue's first race ever!

Musher: Mike - Team: 8 dogs - Distance: 60 miles
Finished:5th of 6 teams -- 2nd Siberian

The Team:
Kobuk(L), Squiggle(L), Stump, Mugs, Curly, Wink, Jim, and Birch

Race Notes:Red lantern (our first and only, so far…) and Sportsmanship Award..

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