{Tsuga Siberians}

~ 2005 Race Season ~
Season Goal: Finish Can-Am 250 12 hours faster than in 2004
Dogs In Training - 14 (8M, 6F)

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Race: Can-Am Crown 250, Fort Kent Maine - March 5th -7th

Musher: Mike - Team: 12 dogs - Distance: 250 miles
Finished: 9th of 30 teams -- Fastest Siberian Team

The Team:
Squiggle (L), Kobuk (L), Stump (L), Mugs (L), Jim, Romeo, Maple, Hawkeye, Curly & Gila finished
Gecko & Ambler went 200 miles to Allagash

Race Notes: The team had a very good weekend despite what was called the "most grueling" Can-Am 250 in its 13-year history, finishing less than 4 hours off the win. We were the third fastest team on the last leg and achieved our season goal by being 14 hours ahead of last year's time despite tough, snowy conditions and rugged trail!

Race: Wilderness 100 mile race, Greenville ME, Feb. 12th

Musher: Mike - Team: 12 dogs - Distance: 100 miles
Finished: 6th of 11 teams -- Fastest Siberian Team

The Team:
Stump(L), Mugs(L), Squiggle (L), Zirkle, Maple, Romeo, Gila, Hawkeye, Ambler, Curly, Jim & Kobuk

Race Notes: 2 feet of snow the day before the race made for a slow trail but race organizers got a gold star as the weather was the ONLY problem with this first year race! The race comprised of an "out and back" trail with a 2-hour layover at the turn-around. The dogs responded well to the short rest and we were half an hour faster on the return leg, passing two teams "coming home".

Race: Stratford Nighthawks 30, Stratford NH, Jan. 29th

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Musher: Mike - Team: 12 dogs - Distance: 33 miles
Finished: 3rd of 11 teams -- Fastest Siberian Team

The Team:
Kobuk(L), Squiggle(L), Stump(L), Zirkle, Mugs, Gila, Wink, Hawkeye, Romeo, Curly, Jim & Ambler

Race Notes:33 miles in 2hrs 36mins. Beautiful sunny day with good trail!

Race: True Companion Races, Craftsbury VT, Jan. 22nd

Musher: Sue - Team: 6 dogs - Distance: 30 miles
Finished: 3rd of 17 teams -- Fastest Siberian Team
Kobuk(L), Zirkle(L), Hawkeye, Squiggle, Gecko, and Wink.

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Race Notes:"Pretty clean" run. Sue's best finish to date!

Musher: Mike - Team: 8 dogs - Distance: 60 miles
Finished: 6th of 14 teams -- 3rd Fastest Siberian Team
Stump(L), Maple(L), Mugs(L), Gila, Romeo, Curly, Jim, Ambler
Race Notes:Much driver error in loosing the trail 4 times! Received Sportsmanship Award in spite of having a pretty rough day

Race: Eagle Lake 100 mile race, Eagle Lake ME, Jan. 15th & 16th

Musher: Sue - Team: 10 dogs - Distance: 100 miles
Finished: 12th of 16 teams -- 2nd Fastest Siberian Team

The Team:
Kobuk(L), Stump(L), Squiggle(L), Maple, Romeo, Hawkeye, Curly, Jim, Ambler, & Gecko

Race Notes:Sue's first race over 30 miles! She did great except for one little problem with a bad trail marker that sent her and Matt Carstens for an additional 20 plus miles. Despite the extra mileage, Sue finished with the full team looking good!

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