{Tsuga Siberians}

~ 2007 Race Season ~

Race: Taiga 300, Lake Louise, Alaska - April 2nd - 5th

Musher: Mike - Team: 12 dogs - Distance: 305 miles
Finished: 6th of 7 teams

The Team:
Stump(L), Hawkeye(L), Gila(L), Mugs(L), Wilson(L), Romeo, Logan, Merlin, Ambler, Hood, Gecko and Jim.
Race Notes: We finally finished our Yukon Quest qualifying even if it took a whirlwind cross-continental trip to make it happen! Special thanks to Bob O’Hearn and Moe, Jer, Finn and Maible. If you’ve got some time, check Mike’s doglog for details of the trip.

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Race: Can-Am Crown 250, Fort Kent, ME - March 3rd-5th, 2007

Team: 12 dogs - Distance: 250 miles
Sue Finished: 18th of 30 teams
Mike Finished: 11th of 30 teams (1st siberian for the fourth straight time at Can-Am)

Sue's Team:
Squiggle(L), Kobuk(L), Mugs(L), Lotus(L), Molly(L), Trip(L), Isis, Reba, Ambler and Cassin
Moon(L) went to Rocky Brook. Eliza went to Allagash.

Mike's Team:
Stump(L), Gila(L), Maple(L), Romeo, Hawkeye, Logan, Merlin, Curly, Hood, Gecko and Jim.
Wilson went to Maibec.
Race Notes: A two team finish at Can-Am! We become the first husband/wife finishers and Sue is first woman to finish a siberian team in this race.

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Race: 100-Mile Wilderness Sled Dog Race, Greenville ME - February 10th, 2007

Team: 12 dogs - Distance: 95 miles
Sue Finished: 12th of 15 teams
Mike Finished: 7th of 15 teams (1st siberian team)

Sue's Team:
Kobuk(L), Mugs(L), Moon(L), Lotus, Reba, Eliza, Esther, Merlin, Isis, Ambler and Cassin.
Squiggle went halfway, to Brownville.

Mike's Team:
Gila(L), Hawkeye(L), Maple(L), Trip, Romeo, Wilson, Logan, Curly, Hood, Gecko, and Jim
Stump(L) went halfway.
Race Notes: Mike was humbled to win “best kept team” award and purse to top off a fun weekend of racing.

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Race: Irving Woodlands Eagle Lake 100, Eagle Lake, Maine - January 20th, 2007

Team: 10 dogs - Distance: 108 miles
Sue Finished: 10th of 25 teams (2nd siberian team)
Mike Finished: 9th of 25 teams (1st siberian team)

Sue's Team:
Kobuk(L), Maple(L), Mugs(L), Lotus, Merlin, Molly, Logan, Eliza, Ambler and Reba.

Mike's Team:
Stump(L), Gila(L), Hawkeye, Trip, Romeo, Wilson, Curly, Hood, Gecko and Jim..
Race Notes: A cold and windy day with nice consistent results, our teams finishing only 5 minutes apart. Thanks to Peter Duncan for handling for us!!

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