{Tsuga Siberians}

~ 2008 Race Season ~

Race: GinGin 200 - Paxson, Alaska, December 28-30, 2007

Musher: Mike - Team: 10 dogs - Distance: 200 miles
Finished: 6th of 19 in 39 hours 9 minutes, including 12 hours of Mandatory Rest
The Team:
Mugs(L), Gila(L), Wilson(L), Hawkeye(L), Romeo, Logan, Hood, Jim, Gecko, Ambler all finished.
 Race Notes: Good race. Decent results.

Race: Two Rivers 200 - Chatanika Challenge; Two Rivers, Alaska, March 9-10, 2008

Musher: Mike - Team: 12 dogs - Distance: 200 miles
Finished: Finished: 6th of 19 in 32 hours 18 minutes, including 10hours of Mandatory Rest.
The Team:
Stump(L), Reba(L), Wilson(L), Mugs(L), Eliza, Gila, Logan, Hood, Merlin, Ambler, Gecko all finished. Hawkeye went halfway.
 Race Notes: Warm weather slowed our pace, but the team was strong and focused. We were very honored to win the Vet's Choice Award.

Race: Yukon Quest; Fairbanks-Whitehorse; February 9-21, 2008

Musher: Mike - Team: 14 dogs - Distance: 1000 miles
Finished: 11th of 24, in 12 days 9 hours and 58 minutes setting a new purebred team record.
The Team:
Stump(L), Mugs(L), Reba(L), Merlin(L), Eliza(L), Gila(L), Logan, Ambler, and Hood finished. Jim went to Braeburn. Romeo and Lotus(L) went to Eagle. Wilson(L) and Hawkeye(L) went to Circle.
 Race Notes: We did it! After five years of planning, we achieved our goals and exceeded our expectations.

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